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  • Lebensraum Moor

Moor Habitat

What are moors?

Definition of Moor

In a scientific sense, the term moor is used to refer to areas where peat moss grows or collects on the surface. A large percentage of peat consists of organic material made of moisture-loving plants that have grown to maturity and died. High water levels extending up to ground level form the necessary conditions for peat formation and growth of the plants that comprise peat.

Due to a lack of oxygen, dead plants do not decompose completely. Plant remains can provide clues to the origins of the moor and make it possible to differentiate between peat types. More material is deposited than is decomposed – the moor grows in height (SUCCOW M. and JOOSTEN H. 2001; SCHOPP-GUTH A., 1999).


Environmental Factors Influence Moor Formation

Moor development and the composition of the vegetation at a specific location depends on numerous environmental conditions present for various aspects (climate, ground, topology, hydrology) - these outside influences are called environmental factors. Main environmental factors influencing moor formation are water supply, nutrient content, and pH value.