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Moor Nature Trails in the Nature Park Area

The nature park area stretches over 120 kilometers northeast and southwest. The Ore Mountain ridge as well as the Vogtland are the main areas covered by high moors. This enables visitors to learn about what makes the environment of the moor so unique by visiting the “Stengelhaide Moor Nature Trail” in Kühnhaide near Reitzenhain, the Siebensäure Moor Nature Trail near Neudorf, and the “Am alten Torfstich” moor nature path in Hammerbrücke/ Friedrichsgrün.
Stengelhaide Moor Nature Path

The to mascots, Boggy Bog Bilberry and Danny Cranberry accompany visitors along the approximately 2 km hiking path through the Stengelhaide moor area on the outskirts of Kühnhaide. Information signs are set up along the path from April until October. Part of the trail leads over timber planks and is not suitable for persons in wheelchairs In the spring and summer, it is not only the moor with the lush green of the birch moor forest and the velvety, white blossoms of the cottongrass, but also the direct vicinity of the moor with its rich blossoming marsh area and mountain meadows around Kühnhaide. In the fall, the warm colors of the sun and the flourishing heather or the gray wisps of mist infuse the moor with that little something special.

Moor Nature Trail “Am alten Torfstich” near Hammerbrücke

The moor nature trail is approximately 2.5 km long and also runs through the nature preserves of “Am alten Floßgraben” and “Muldenwiesen”. At the beginning of the trail at the former nature conservation center, visitors can enjoy a view of the restored peat bed area and then walk through a spruce and pine moor forest. The path then continues on to the mountain meadow and on to the “Muldenwiesen” nature preserve. From there, hikers can walk along the upper reach of the Zwickau Mulde to return to their starting point.

Siebensäure Moor Nature Path

An approximately 100 m long corduroy road has run along the edge of the Siebensäure high moor near Neudorf for many years now, offering visitors insight into the moor area. It was closed in 2016 for safety reasons, since the round logs were seriously damaged. A new oak timer boardwalk will replace the old corduroy road starting in 2020. Constructed on poles, the boardwalk will leave the flow of water in the moor untouched, while also keeping visitors’ feet dry.

Furthermore, newly redesigned signs and action elements with edited content translated into three languages will replace the ten-year-old information elements starting in April 2020.
This project was financed by funds from the Natürliches Erbe für naturschutzbezogene Öffentlichkeitsarbeit und Umweltbildung (Natural Heritage for Nature Conservation Public Relations Work and Environmental Education), co-financed through the European grant program ELER.


In addition to these moor nature paths, there is a host of other themed nature paths in the nature park - an overview can be found on our main site