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Experience the Moor – Nothing Beats Exploring on Foot

On this page, we aim to present hiking routes to you where you can experience and enjoy a wide variety of habitats in the landscape of the Ore Mountains. The hikes will take you through shaded areas, cool forests, lush green, blossoming meadows, along clear, fresh mountain streams, and of course you will get to discover the environment of the “Moor” on all hiking tours.


Apropos highly sensitive - we would like to take this opportunity to remind you not to walk on the very sensitive surface of the moor. The vegetation in the moors is very sensitive to foot pressure as well as any nutrients or pollutants that might be introduced.

The bulk of the hike will take you along the level plateau of Rübenau, through cool spruce and beech forests, past moors and through  magnificent meadows found in the midst of the town of Rübenau.

The approximately 8 kilometer long route starts at the forest parking lot located at the intersection of Rübenauer Waldstraße Street und Görkauer Straße Street. The path to the idyllic Lehmheider Pond leads through the Kriegwald, which has carried this name since the 14th century.

The Lehmheide Moor Area, which interested hikers are welcome to take a look at, is located between the Lehmheider Pond and the Steinhübel - the highest rise in the Rübenauer Plateau. It is no longer possible to enjoy a 360 degree view from the summit of the 817 meter high crag, but the mountain huts at the foot of the Steinhübel provide welcoming places to spend some time and take a break. After circling the Steinhübel, the path continues on the Forststeig, over the Brückenweg, and past the Hühnerhaide Moor Area, from which the Rübenauer Stream flows and which hikers will cross on their route.

At the old forester’s lodge of Rübenau , the route continues through the settlement of Rübenau, which covers almost 10 km². Following the “Ore Mountain - Vogt County” ridge path, the hike now leads to the former District of Kriegwald. There it turns, still following the ridge path, to the northeast on the Heidenweg. Here hikers can enjoy a magnificent view of the Rübenau dispersed settlement. Arable land as well as mountain meadows and marshes are scattered in with a mix of homesteads and houses. Once hikers reach the valley, the crosses connecting road between Rothenthal and Kühnhaide the hike is continued “In der Gasse” toward the church. Hikers will then have to overcome the only climb, lasting for about one kilometer, and will be rewarded with a view of the church and Rübenau if they look back.

If you are interested in learning more about the beauty and want to know more details about the Kriegwald, the moor areas, the Steinhübel, or the settlement of Rübenau, download the PDF file and experience the things you are reading about firsthand!

Moor Hike 1: Loop Around Rübenau too the Lehmheide and Hühnerhaide Moors PDF File (592 kB)