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Moors at the Border

A German-Czech Hiking Exhibit

This exhibit aims to raise awareness of the “marginal” situation of our moors. It is made for anyone who wants to learn more about the moors and is suitable for individual visitors, school classes, and groups.


The exhibit shows the diverse roles the moor plays in nature and the environment together with the destruction of the moors over the past centuries. Information on what is being done about this is presented based on the example of the German-Czech project on the Ore Mountain ridge.


There are 20 information boards in the exhibit addressing the following topics:

•        What is a moor?
•        The Destruction of the Moors       
•        Why do we need moors?
•        The Moor as a Habitat for Plants and Animals
•        Helping the Moors
•        International Moor Conservation


Book the Exhibit

It is possible to book the entire bilingual exhibit free of charge. The 20 stand-up displays are freestanding and printed on one side. They are two meters tall and 80 centimeters wide.

You can arrange the elements in a row or group them. If space is limited, it is also possible to display only a section of the exhibit.

Forstbezirk Marienberg
Project Office MOOREVITAL 2018
Project Manager Anita Hovorková
Markt 3, 09496 Marienberg
Tel.: +493735 6611-167

This exhibit was created as part of the Ziel-3 project and was brought to life in a joint effort of the “Erzgebirge/Vogtland (Ore Mountains/Vogt County)“ nature park, the Landesdirektion Sachsen (Regional Administration of Saxony), the Sächsischen Landesamt für Umwelt, Landwirtschaft und Geologie (Saxon State Office for Environment, Agriculture, and Geology), and the Regional Office of Ústí nad Labem.