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Participants and Partners

Both the Nationalen Strategie zur biologischen Vielfalt (National Strategy for Biological Diversity), created in 2007 by the Federal Ministry for the Environment  (BMU) and the action plan Biologischen Vielfalt (Biodiversity) from the Freistaat Sachsen des Ministeriums für Umwelt und Landwirtschaft (Ministry for the Environment and Agriculture of the Free State of Saxony or SMUL) from 2010 plays a major role in the conservation and revitalization of the moors. The moor protection project in the Ore Mountains is promoted and supported by the Saxon nature conservation authorities. Staatsbetrieb Sachsenforst (Statutory Public Body for Forestry in Saxony) is also an important cooperation partner in the implementation of re-watering measures in the moors. Associations and organizations are making contributions of equal diversity from a nature conservation point of view as well as sometimes performing important monitoring activities.


State Office for Environment, Agriculture, and Geology-Department 6-Nature Conservation

Halsbrücker Straße 31a
09599 Freiberg
Telefon: (03731) 294-0
Telefax: (03731) 294-115

Landesdirektion Chemnitz (Regional Administration of Chemnitz) -Department 45-Nature Conservation

Altchemnitzer Straße 41
09120 Chemnitz
Telefon: (0371) 532 - 0
Telefax: (0371) 532 - 1929

Staatsbetrieb Sachsenforst (Statutory Public Body for Forestry in Saxony)

Bonnewitzer Str. 34
01796 Pirna OT Graupa
Telefon: (03501) - 54 21 66

DVL-Landesbüro Sachsen(German Association for Landscape Stewardship) - Saxony Local Office

Lange Straße 43
01796 Pirna
Tel.: (03501) 582 461
Fax: (03501) 467 65 25
E-Mail: lpv-sachsen@t-online.de

Other scientific and research organizations as well as private companies are also involved.