• Butterwegmoor
  • Butterwegmoor
  • Butterwegmoor


Location: West of Johanngeorgenstadt near the “Kleiner Kranichsee” nature preserve at an elevation of approximately 945 m above sea level

SAC area: “Erzgebirgskamm am Kleinen Kranichsee” (domestic identification number: 10E)

SPA area: “Westerzgebirge” (domestic identification number: 77)

Brief description:
A raised moor which, as a ridge and watershed moor, drains into the Mulde system of waterways in the north and into the Eger in the south. It possesses three moor cores, with both the eastern and the western core each achieving a maximum peat thickness of approximately 1.8 m. The moor was probably most thoroughly drained around 1850 so it could be exploited for forestry. A total of about 6 km of ditches were dug over a total area of 11 ha. Only in the eastern core of the moor covering approximately 1 ha have many of the ditches been filled with peat mosses. This part of the moor is characterized by groves of bog pines along with the typical array of peat mosses, dwarf shrubs (also bog bilberries and crowberries, with some European cranberries) species as well as hair’s tail cottongrass and common cottongrass. There are also approximately 30 living dwarf pines (type of mountain pine or bog pine that grows upright), which are threatened with extinction in Saxony. The remaining areas are covered with spruce moor woodlands, which transitions to Calamagrostio villosae-Fagetum.

Implementation of measures:
A comprehensive record was taken of existing species and conditions in the Butterwegmoor was performed in 2000 and suggestions were formulated for taking action to preserve the environment. Contributing to this effort, 95 log timber dams and later board and piling dams were built in drainage ditches between 2002 and 2009 in seven construction phases. The effects of re-watering are now evident in all sections of the moor. Dam projects undertaken in the eastern core area now are draining, in part, into the “Kleiner Kranichsee” moor area, which also helps to improve the growth of the moor. On 9/21/2010, an official completion event was held by the “Erzgebirge/Vogtland (Ore Mountains/Vogt County)” nature park. At the event, those involved in implementation and interested persons received the opportunity to learn about the progression of nature restoration work and take a look at the strikingly evident results on-site.

All measures were coordinated with the environmental protection authorities, the Staatsbetrieb Sachsenforst (Statutory Public Body for Forestry in Saxony) as a representative of the property owner, and the Landestalsperrenverwaltung (Reservoir Administration).

We received financial support for the project from funds of the “Natürliches Erbe (Natural Heritage)” directive.