• Friedrichsheider Hochmoor
  • Friedrichheide High Moor
  • Friedrichsheider Hochmoor

Friedrichheide High Moor

Location: southeastern of Sosa, at the feet of the Auersberg in the western part of the Ore Mountain area at an elevation of approx. 800 m above sea level

SAC area: “Upper Western Ore Mountains” - EU registration no.: 5541-303 (domestic number: 283)

Brief description:
Currently, the Friedrichsheide moor area covers 19.01 ha and is protected as a nature preserve. The center of the nature preserve is dominated by mountain pines. It is surrounded by old spruces where it transitions to spruce moor woodlands and spruce mountain woodlands. In addition to dwarf shrubs (blueberries, bog bilberries, cranberries, and crowberries), various sphagnum species dominate the area.

Implementation of measures:
The preliminary study for the major regional project “Ore Mountain Moors” forms the foundation for revitalization measures in the Friedrichsheide Moor Area. As part of this study, the northern ditch of the moor was blocked with four plank dams and the south ditch was blocked with five sheet piling dams in 2016. The plank dams were also lined with geotextile. All dams were then completely covered with layers of peat.

The environmental authorities and the Staatsbetrieb Sachsenforst (Statutory Public Body for Forestry in Saxony) approved the implementation of measures beforehand.

We received financial support for the project from funds of the “Natürliches Erbe (Natural Heritage)” directive.