• Salzflüsschen bei Holzhau
  • Moor at Salzflüsschen River
  • Salzflüsschen bei Holzhau

Moor at Salzflüsschen River

Location: south of Holzhau in Central Saxony at an elevation of 720m above sea level

SPA area: Woodland areas new Holzhau (domestic identification number: 65)

Brief description:
The former moor areas encompass an area of approximately 15 ha. There are mountain moor formations with mature raised moors in some places. Peat depths of over 3 meters are present locally. The moor area is used for forestry. It is characterized by deep drainage ditches and the associated eradication of peat. The moor area at Salzflüsschen River is mainly forested with spruces and possesses a layer of vegetation comprised of dwarf shrubs in some places. Moor species found here include peat mosses and moor grass, although many species native to the high moors are now absent.

Implementation of measures:
Location-specific studies were done on vegetation, peat, and hydrology for the southern core of the moor in the years 2003 and 2004. Starting in 2006, the 54 top-priority ditch dams from the plan were constructed in several construction phases, which were completed in 2010 with the covering and filling of all dams built. These measures aimed to hinder concentrated surface drainage and reestablish water supply to the moor on the slope. It was thus possible to stabilize the water level close to the surface in order to stimulate peat formation and moor growth. Work was done by forestry workers from the Forstbezirk Marienberg (Marienberg Forest District), employees of the “Erzgebirge/Vogtland (Ore Mountains/Vogt County)” nature park, and participants in an international workshop. An official event celebrating completion of re-watering measures was organized by the nature park on 10/7/2010. Everyone involved in the project as well as any interested members of the public were able to learn about the progression of work and the results visible already.