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Location: near Rübenau in the Erzgebirge at an altitude of approx. 740 to 775m above sea level

FFH area: Kriegwaldmoore (internal number: 264)

Brief description:
The moorland area Lehmheide consists of three peat bodies, which extend over an area of ​​about 12 hectares. The peat bodies are strongly characterized by drainage and forestry use, the maximum peat thickness is approx. 3.6 m. A special feature of the loam sheath is underground waterways (so-called "Moorkarst") with cave-like or tunnel-like break-in and erosion structures. In addition, below the western bog core is the Lehmhaider Teich, a dystrophic body of water with a well-developed silting area up to 15 meters wide. In addition to peat moss, there are also cotton grasses and bog berries on the peat body as typical plant species. However, after the immissions-related death of the spruce, Murray pines were often planted, which displace the light-needing bog species and dwarf shrubs with increasing closure.

Implementation of measures:
In cooperation with the nature conservation station Pobershau in 1999 and 2000 - z. Partly financed by subsidies - hydrogeological and vegetation studies carried out in the clay heather. Possible locations for water retention measures in forest departments 110 and 127 were then determined. Between 2001 and 2003, forest workers from the then Olbernhau Forestry Office built numerous ditch dams in the form of board, log and sheet piling dams in forest division 110. In 2011/12, employees of the nature park and participants in a binational moor camp were able to take part in further damming measures German and Czech students in 2011.