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Staatsbetrieb Sachsenforst (Statutory Public Body for Forestry in Saxony)


The state enterprise Sachsenforst is not only one of the most important partners but also land owners of many bog locations. Before the implementation of rewetting measures in the state forest through the nature park "Erzgebirge / Vogtland" can come, the projects with the heads of the forest districts Marienberg, Eibenstock and Adorf, in which the moors are located.

Since these locations are usually not very profitable and difficult to manage despite drainage, they are in many cases designated as arb areas (apart from regular operation). In many individual projects, the employees of the nature park were either supported by forest workers - some construction phases were also completely implemented by forest workers. If the bog areas are in private or communal forests, the consent of the owner of the area must also be obtained before rewetting measures can be carried out. Since they often use less profitable areas intensively, negotiations are sometimes more difficult.