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German Association for Landscape Stewardship - Saxony Local Office


The landscape conservation associations of the Ore Mountains and Vogtland are primarily committed to preserving our grown cultural landscape. The mountain and litter meadows of the Ore Mountains, which were created by clearing the spruce forests, can only be preserved through regular single or double mowing. In addition, it is of existential importance for the bog locations that the areas in the edge areas of the bogs are used extensively, i.e. without adding large amounts of fertilizer. The entry of nutrients into raised bog areas leads to a change in the species composition and represents a great danger for the bogs.

As already explained in the chapter on animals, butterfly species in particular depend on the habitat mix between moors and flowering meadows. This can only be maintained through regular use, which is largely secured by the landscape conservation associations.


Landschaftpflegeverband Mittleres Erzgebirge e.V. (Geschäftsführerin Claudia Buchau)
Am Sportplatz 14
09456 Mildenau
Tel.: 03733 / 596 77 0
Fax: 03733 / 596 77 17
eMail: info@lpvme.de

Landschaftspflegeverband “Zschopau-/Flöhatal e.V.” (Geschäftsführerin Heike Rossa)
Hinterer Grund 4a
09496 Pobershau
Tel.: 03735 / 668 12 31
Fax: 03735 / 668 12 32

Landschaftspflegeverband “Mulde/Flöha” e.V. (Geschäftsführer Jörg Semmig) 
Gränitzer Str. 8
09575 Großwaltersdorf
Tel.: 037293 / 8 99 89
Fax: 037293 / 8 99 89
email: lpv_Mulde-Floeha@web.de

Landschaftspflegeverband Oberes Vogtland (Geschäftsführerin Kristin Deike)
Oberer Berg 76
08258 Markneukirchen
Tel.:  037422-2965
Fax:   037422-46786Telefon  
email: lpv-vogtland@riedelhof.de

Landschaftspflegeverband “Westerzgebirge” e.V. (Geschäftsführer Kai Werner)
Dorfstraße 48
08289 Schneeberg/ OT Lindenau
Tel.: 03772 / 2 48 79
Fax: 03772 / 39 55 81
email: luise.eichhorn@lpvwesterzgebirge.de