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Location: North of Schöneck, in Vogt County, at approximately 700-780 mm above sea level

SAC area: “Triebtal Region” - EU registration no.: 5439-301 (domestic number: 291)

Brief description:
The “Woderich” moor area (marshland/moor woodland) encompasses 196 ha. Of this area, 42.40 ha are taken up by a forest reservation, which received its designation from the Staatsbetrieb Sachsenforst (Statutory Public Body for Forestry in Saxony) in 2000.  The moor woodlands have a spring area and water catchment area of the Geigenbach Stream, which flows through the Werde Valley Dam (Geigenbach Valley Dam) and terminates in the Trieb. Currently, the moor is not protected as a nature preserve. Only the central area has been designated as a forest reservation. There are plans to implement measures throughout the entire moor region and the nature park has ordered water monitoring (UBV Weischlitz). The deepest peat layer has been measured at 2.40 m in several places. Scattered throughout the entire area, there are also some locations with moor birch (Betula pubescens). The entire area consists of 14 individual core moor areas arrayed next to each other. Middle-aged to old spruce moor woodlands and mountain spruce woodlands are found in the surrounding area. In addition to dwarf shrubs (blueberries, bog bilberries, cranberries, and European cranberries), various sphagnum species dominate the area. Hair’s-tail cottongrass (Eriphorum vaginatum) can also be found in some sections. Spaces in the upper moor region were formerly used as meadows and pasture. Very little peat was removed throughout the moor, e.g. the strips of forest 109/110 are edged with peat.

Implementation of measures:
The preliminary study for the major regional project “Ore Mountain Moors” forms the foundation for revitalization measures in the “Woderich” moor area. As part of this study, 64 plank and sheet piling dams were installed in 15 ditches between 2004 and 2006. The plank dams were also lined with geotextile. All dams were then completely covered with layers of peat. Just a short time later, the surface of the moor peat beds showed positive improvement. The environmental protection authorities, owner Staatsbetrieb Sachsenforst (Statutory Public Body for Forestry in Saxony) and the Landestalsperrenverwaltung (Reservoir Administration) approved the measures to be implemented ahead of time. We received financial support for the project from funds of the “Natürliches Erbe (Natural Heritage)” directive.