• Auerhahnmoor
  • Auerhahnmoor
  • Auerhahnmoor


Location: south of Reitzenhain Street - Steinbach at an elevation of 780 to 795m above sea level

SAC area: Moors and moor woodlands near Satzung (domestic number: 263)

SPA area: Ore Mountain ridge near Satzung

Brief description:
Covering a nearly perfectly circular area, the Auerhahnmoor encompasses 24 ha. It possesses characteristics of mountainous raised moors and plateau raised moors. The watershed moor drains into the Preßnitz through two streams. People exerted influence over this moor as early as the 16th century by creating a raft ditch running through the moor from the southwest to northeast. How long the ditch was used for rafting is unknown.
With a peat thickness of 4.2 m, this moor is one of the heartiest moors in the nature park.
Birkenmoorwald Forest and montaner Fichtenwald dominieren das Erscheinungsbild des Moores. Of the species typically found in high moors, hair’s-tail cottongrass, bog bilberries, cranberries, and moor pines are found only infrequently.

With the support of extensive studies performed by UHLMANN (2002), a total of 34 dams were constructed throughout the “Ore Mountain/Vogt County” nature park from 2003 to 2005. Plank and sheet piling dams have since hindered the rapid drainage of rainfall.

Further measures aimed at re-watering the moor were taken during the course of an cross-boarder project Target 3/Cil 3. www.moorevital.sachsen.de