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Bauernhaide Moor Revitalization 2020/21

Location: near Kühnhaide in the Ore Mountain region at an elevation of approximately 810 m to 825 m above sea level

Nature preserve: extends partially into the Mothäuser Haide

SAC area:         7E - Mothäuser Haide

Brief description:
The Bauernhaide is one of the mountainous raised moors of the low Ore Mountains and covers an area of approximately 35 ha. Like other moors int he Reitzenhain-Kühnhaide region, the Bauernhaide was systematically drained starting at the beginning of the 19th century for the purpose of cultivating it. The wide-ranging ditch system with very deep and wide ditches in some parts continues to drain the moor to this day. All the same, about half of the moor contains peat over 0.7 m deep. Peat depths of approximately 3.5 are found at the core of the moor.

The entire moor is part of the SAC area 7E “Mothäuser Haide”. The northern part of the moor belongs to the “Mothäuser Haide” nature preserve.

Project description:
The proposed project aims to improve the hydrological conditions in the moor and therefore improve the living conditions for moor-specific species of the Bauernhaide moor. A hydrological survey as well as the SAC management plan for the SAC area 7E “Mothäuser Haide” serve as the foundation for the measures.
Based on the documentation available, specifics of location and technical execution still need to be defined for measures to be taken in the moor area. Due to the size of the Bauernhaide and the challenging conditions (deep ditches, existing trees) the practical measures for this project will be executed in an initial partial project in the western part of the moor.