• Eselsbergmoor
  • Eselsbergmoor
  • Eselsbergmoor


Location: northwest of Johanngeorgenstadt approximately 800 m above sea level

SAC area: EU no. 5443-302, domestic number 269

Brief description
The moor area is located in the Ore Mountain area northwest of Johanngeorgenstadt near Riesenberger Häuser. The area is a small, continuous moor complex with peat layers up to 3 m in depth (preliminary study for the nature park’s moor project). Large sections are covered by bog pine forests. Spruce groves are located along the edges. Water drained through the ditches along the border has allowed spruces to encroach upon the interior of the moor since time immemorial. The revitalization area is located at the edge of the moor’s core, at the foot of the Eselsberg and possesses peat layers a mere 40 to 100 cm thick.

Measures are to be implemented in the last pertinent ditches of Plot 871 belonging to the Township of Sosa, extension of the ditch at the northern edge in the forest section 23b0 of the Riesenburg forestry district in Eibenstock forest district. The ditch runs along the foothills of the Eselsberg between the high moor complex and the Eselsberg wings. It is characterized by ancient spruce forests with a wealth of roots. Water is redirected from the front Milchbach and later ends up in the Schwarzwasser via the Steinbach.
The ditch is about 200 m long and the ditch width fluctuates between 1.2 m and 2.0 m. The peat layer is thin and mostly under 1 m. It was therefore necessary to install 6 board dams for the ditch extension area.
In the project area, dams are expected to retain excessive water and push it out into the area in order to promote regeneration of the moor.
After constructing six dams by hand and covering them completely with peat, which included a layer of vegetation, the ditch is hardly visible in the environment anymore.